What Really Is An H1B Visa?

The H1B is a non-immigrant employment visa for temporary workers to enter the United States. An employer should offer a job to you in order to apply for the H1B visa. In fact, the particular employer is responsible for applying for the visa on behalf of the applicant. He or she needs to apply for the H1B visa with the United States Immigration Department. An approved H1B visa is treated as a work permit where the employee can obtain a visa stamp and work in the United States for that particular employer.

This type of visa is issued to employees with specialty knowledge. They require a practical and theoretical application of this specialty knowledge. The applicant should also have a Bachelors degree. There is a yearly quota of H1B visas available for getting down employees to the U.S. with specialty knowledge. Specialty knowledge is considered understanding your soon to be employer’s product, service, technique, management or application. Advanced leval knowledge is considered a deep understanding of the organization’s processes and procedures.

The total stay allowed in the U.S. is six years. The initial period is three years, and it can be extended for another three years. Although H1B employees can work for more than one U.S. employer, they should have a Form named I-129 approved by each employer. The visa can be issued for multiple entries in which the applicant can travel in and out of the country for any number of times. The H1B employee can go on sick leave, maternity leave, or vacations until he/she is associated with the employer. The spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 years can stay with the H1B employee under the H4 category for the same duration as the employee. These are important facts to consider when applying for the H1B visa.